With hopes of coaching professional football, Dennis found himself on a playground with 400 children.  As he began jumping rope with the children, Jumping For Jesus began. Coach Clark started traveling with the children sharing both their spiritual talents (singing, drama, musical instruments, etc.) and jumping rope talents. 

Jumping For Jesus

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About Us:

About Us:

Coach Dennis Clark started jumping rope at age four and continued throughout elementary, high school, and college. While in high school and college, Dennis jumped rope for quickness, agility, and endurance for all sports. While coaching college football, the head coach had him teaching the athletes how to jump rope.

Before 1982 Coach Clark had a vision to use sports as a way to get the Gospel around the world.  He thought he needed big athletes with big muscles.  It wasn’t long before Coach Clark realized children with little muscles could do big ministry. In 1986 the word international was added to the ministry name and now Jumping For Jesus material has been sent to over 80 countries.